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Someday I hope to be a published author with a sci-fi novel or two under my belt. However,  I've had an idea in my head for quite a while now, but as a very visual person, I need to be able to 'see' what I'm writing.  I've been trying for what seems to me forever to make up a few decent concepts, but while I believe I'm a decent writer, I'm just not a good enough artist to get any of these ideas right.  This would be nothing 'official' and I can't pay anyone, but if there is anyone out there who can draw really well and thinks they can help me bring my ideas to life, I would be eternally grateful, and karma would be good to you! I have another friend interested in helping with the concepts and even some of the writing and eventually, we hope to be publishing it as an independant comic book. Trouble is, we aren't artists that are near the quality we would like to be.  If you're interested, please let me know and I'll send you come concepts and idea to see what you could imagine.  If I like your work, maybe we can move on from there with some more concepts and designs.

All work would be yours, of course.

**Style of characters: Not sure, I do like 'realistic' characters, but I also like anime as well, and the trend to realism. (Young Justice, Superman:TAS, Justice League Unlimited, and Green Lantern Animated are favorites.) Also, I like the look of Star Blazers, Robotech/Macross, and Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets.


United States

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